Layered Memories Virginia Emigrants to Liberia Suzhou Urban Cultural Landscapes Guide Mapping Poetic Geographies of Revolutionary Russia, 1914-1922 Experiencing Embodied Cultural Practices through Motion Capture and Immersive Media: A Hybrid Research/Practice Collaboration Across Disciplines The Independent Works of William Tyndale Life of the Buddha The Architecture of The Negro Travelers' Green Book Salmon Pueblo Archaeological Research Collection Cities Without Work: The Long Road from Boom to Bust Inhabiting Byzantine Athens Digital Sepoltuario: The Tombs of Renaissance Florence Voting Viva Voce: Unlocking the Social Logic of Past Politics Jefferson's University - Early Life Project, 1819-1870 Archaeology of Legal Definitions of Speech Early Mormon Marriages A Worldview in Words: Lexical Categories of the Mopan Maya Digital Yoknapatawpha Soundscape Architecture Arapesh Grammar and Digital Language Archive Chaco Research Archive: Building an International Resource SNAC: The Social Networks and Archival Context Project The Countryside Transformed: The Railroad and the Eastern Shore of Virginia, 1870-1935 Collective Biographies of Women The Digital Montpelier Project The World's Fair in Italy Project Virtual Williamsburg Historical Architecture of Minnesota Silk Road: The Path of Transmission of Avalokitesvara Xiakou : Moral Landscape in a Sichuan Mountain Village Rome Reborn Mapping the Dalai Lamas The Dresser Trunk Project: A spatial look at segregated travel Aquae Urbis Romae The World of Dante English Medieval Architecture: A Model for Design Process Analysis Homer's Trojan Theater The Lives of Saints : The Medieval French Hagiography Project St. Gall Monastery Plan The Vivarium Digital Library of Latin Literature Digital Roman Forum Leonardo Da Vinci and his Treatise on Painting The Circus in America: 1793-1940 Traditions of Exemplary Women: Liu Xiang's Lienü  zhuan Evolutionary Infrastructure: Boston's Back Bay Fens The Salem Witch Trials, Documentary Archive and Transcription Project The Thomas MacGreevy Archive Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture : Multimedia Archive The Samantabhadra Project The Melville Electronic Library Crystal Palace -- Monuments and Dust: The Culture of Victorian London Patterns of Reconstruction at Pompeii The Salisbury Project The Walt Whitman Archive The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project The Architecture of Thomas Jefferson Documentary History of the Construction of the Buildings at the University of Virginia Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees Piers Plowman  Electronic Archive The Pompeii Forum Project The William Blake Archive Dickinson Electronic Archives The Valley of the Shadow The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Angel Adams Parham
2022-2023 Fellow Angel Adams Parham, Associate Professor of Sociology