Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities

How to participate

To attend the summit, please submit a one-page issue paper & bio via e-mail to by June 20, 2005

Participation in this summit will be by invitation only and will be restricted to 35-50 people, depending upon funding support. (We have requested support from the National Science Foundation.) Those who wish to participate should submit a short one page issue paper that presents one idea or issue that should be discussed at the summit. An issue paper should not present an individual's own project: participants will not be asked to present their own research but to participate in the summit's dialog, bringing the expertise gained from their own development and use of digital tools for research and education. Each issue paper should be accompanied by a short (one page or less) biography.

Based on the issue papers submitted, the organizing committee will select a diverse group of participants from a variety of scholarly fields. Participants will be asked to read a package of preparatory materials, so as to give everyone a common starting place for discussion and debate.



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