Archaelogical Parks in Hungary

Professor Elizabeth Jerem
Senior Research Fellow, Archaeological Institute of the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Professor Jerem is also an Associate Professor, Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of Miskolc, Hungary and Executive Direktor of Archaeolingua Foundation, Editor of the Publication Series ARCHAEOLINGUA. Her presentation provided an overview on the history of Hungarian archaeological presentation sites and parks, by going through the various open-air museums in terms of their chronology and function. It places special significance on current and future projects, which also conform to the modern expectations of the protection of the cultural heritage. The paper also touched upon the ongoing educational and experimental activities within the sites and parks, including the use of virtual heritage; as well as the special cultural programmes organised around feast days, which are aimed at the general public.

Photos from Professor Jerem's Lecture:

Frischer and Jerem

Bernard Frischer, IATH Director with Professor Jerem.

Professor Jerem talks with IATH faculty members.

Attendees listen attentively to Professor Jerem's presentation.