Leonardo da Vinci project goes on-line and has a conference

April 10, 2012

Francesca Fiorani, IATH Fellow and Art History Professor, is holding a conference in conjunction with the public release of her project, Leonardo da Vinci and His Treatise on Painting, an interactive digital platform dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci's legacy on art and science. The conference, “The Legacy of Leonard da Vinci,” opens Thursday, April 12 with a presentation by Prof. Fiorani on The Digital Archive. All sessions will be held in Harrison Auditorium and are free and open to the public.

The conference focuses on Leonardo's legacy on the art, science and culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Taking Leonardo's Treatise on Painting as its point of departure, it pays special attention to the relations between theory and practice, to recent critical editions of Leonardo's original manuscripts, and to the diffusion of his Treatise on Painting. In sessions open to the public leading specialists from a wide range of disciplines will examine Leonardo's pictorial practice, his theoretical writing, and his drawings and paintings. In a closed-door meeting a group of selected guests will explore the future of digital projects centered on Leonardo's writings. The conference intends to explore new avenues for interdisciplinary research and collaborative scholarship to give global access to Leonardo's legacy.

Registration for the conference opens at 3:30pm on Thursday, April 12, and the conference kicks off with a welcome at 4pm.