Deborah Parker to speak on “Dante: Then and Now, High and Low”

January 29, 2014

IATH Fellow and Italian Professor Deborah Parker and James Madison English Professor Mark Parker will speak on “From Dante to Dan Brown” at 4pm on Thursday, January 30 in Harrison Small Auditorium in the Special Collections Library at UVA. Professor Deborah Parker is the editor of World of Dante, a digital research tool for studying the Divine Comedy and, with Professor Mark Parker, wrote Inferno Revealed: From Dante to Dan Brown, published in the fall of 2013.

This will be the opening segment of the Institute of the Humanities and Global Culture's Dante: Then and Now, High and Low, which will examine contemporary cultural adaptations of Dante and his influence on the arts and other cultures.

The series will be held January 30-31, 2014, in Harrison Small. It will includes a film segment, led by English Professor Paul Cantor, showing excerpts from the 1911 L’Inferno Italian silent film, Dante's Inferno (starring Spencer Tracy and a 19 year-old Rita Hayworth), and 2012 Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, based on the Dante's Inferno video game.