Johannes Kepper to Speak on Digital Editions of Music

January 21, 2016

Johannes Kepper, part of the DFG-Project's Digital Music Edition project team, will give a talk on "Critical Editing of Music Unchained: New Approaches to Digital Editions Using MEI," this coming Tuesday, January 26, at 1:30pm in the Brown Science & Engineering Library (Clark Hall) room 133. Light refreshments will be served.

The presentation will survey the history of digital editions of music, beginning with early projects, which tended to follow practices established in traditional paper-based publications. More recent critical editions are taking advantage of digital media and going beyond these limits by fully encoding musical texts and collecting detailed metadata, particularly in the MEI (Music Encoding Initiative) format.

This presentation is jointed sponsored by Intellectual Crossroads of the UVA Library, the UVA Music Department, and the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities.