Data Visualization Final Showcase Event

May 5, 2017

A showcase of student project visualizations will be offered to the public on May 10, from 2-5pm, in the Data Science space of the Dell 1 building (located behind Physics and the Curry School of Education). These projects were produced as part of the a semester-long course in Data Visualization, taught by Eric Field, the Director of Academic and Research Technology at the School of Architecture, and Adalie Pierce-McManamon, a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture.

The course is offered through the School of Architecture and is supported by the UVA Data Science Institute. It brings together 76 students from across six schools and 19 departments of the university, from Architecture and Urban Planning to Public Policy, Engineering, Computer Science, Political and Social Thought, Data Science, English, History, Economics, Statistics, and more. Students study visual approaches toward exploration and problem solving through data and information, and the construction of both static and web-dynamic visuals.

Each year, the course has a unifying theme, and students choose a question or idea related to that theme. Last year, the theme was “Elections,” and students built HTML5/SVG visualizations that examined issues such as demographics, fund-raising, and voting results. This year, the theme was “Security and Vulnerability.”

The course ends with an open fair of presentations and discussions that celebrate the accomplishments of the class, and allow visitors to explore hands-on their final visuals, along with a few capstones.

Archives from past years are online.