4/23 Research Roundtable on U-Hall Digital Scanning

April 19, 2019

University Hall point cloud image

Image by Nicola Bezzo

The Center for Cultural Landscape is having the final installation of the CCL Research Roundtable series for the year on Tuesday, April 23, at noon in Campbell Hall 205. Will Roark (Scholar's Lab), Shayne Brandon (IATH), and Garth Anderson (Facilities Historian), along with other team members, will discuss their work in conducting a digital scan of University Hall. So-called U Hall, located near the John Paul Jones Arena, opened in 1965 as a replacement for Memorial Gym. The building is scheduled to be demolished by 2020.

This project deploys a breadth of the recording methods used and the difficult constraints posed by the building. The roundtable will also be an opportunity to learn about the wealth of knowledge about digital recording technologies here at UVa in the Scholar's Lab, Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, and various academic departments.