Lost Modernist Interviews Digital Yoknapatawpha

June 21, 2021

Francesca Mancino, a graduate student at Case Western Reserve and author of the Lost Modernists site, recently posted an interview with University of Virginia Professor Emeritus Stephen Railton and Brevard College Associate Professor of English John Padgett about their work on the Digital Yoknapatawpha project.

Lost Modernists posts interviews and essays on Modernist writers who less-familiar to contemporary readers or connected to the famous Lost Generation of writers who came of age after World War I, particularly those who "have shaped, contorted, and influenced our conceptualizations of a novel’s style and substance." Mancino's interest in Digital Yoknapatawpha includes not just how digital tools allow users to engage with and study Faulkner's often knotty stories, but also how those tools transform our understanding of accuracy and intent in fiction.