Apply to be an IATH Fellow

December 1, 2010

Residential and Associate Fellows

Resident Fellowships are for a two-year period and include office space at the Institute, design and development assistance, use of equipment and software, training, computer programming, budget resources, and development assistance to raise additional grants and gifts to support the research project. The Associate Fellowship lasts one academic year, and includes consulting services on project design and technical issues, equipment loans, and grant assistance. We award one Residential Fellowship and one or more Associate Fellowships each year.

IATH interprets "humanities" very broadly: past Fellows have been from Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Engineering Humanities, English, History, Landscape Architecture, Music, and Religious Studies.

Please note that Residential Fellows' home departments must commit to a half-time teaching release for the first year and partial support for a research assistant.

Interested? The application deadline is March 1, 2011. Contact Daniel Pitti (dvp4c@virginia.edu) or Worthy Martin (martin@virginia.edu) to discuss your proposal, or call us at (434) 924-4527. Guidelines can be found here, and the application form is available here. Decisions of the selection committee will be made by the end of March, and fellowships will begin June 1, 2011.

Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellowships are designed for non-UVA faculty. Visiting Fellows are not required to be in residence in Charlottesville and the Fellowships can take a variety of forms: a month-long residency in Charlottesville, a year-long networked editing project, an international conference to discuss metadata standards, and so forth. Visiting Fellows might spend all or part of the Fellowship period in resident at the IATH offices or conducting research at other institutions. The actual fellowship period, work performed, and end product will vary from one project to another.

These Fellowships are awarded on an ad hoc basis, and success depends at least in part on the demands placed on available staff resources and adequate financial resources. Unfortunately, we cannot provide funding to Visiting Fellows. We will, however, provide advice and guidance to help applicants secure appropriate funding.

There is no fixed application deadline. We strongly suggest, however, that applicants contact us at least six months before they wish to begin (more if financial support is required). Interested individuals and groups should send a letter of interest along with a one-page project description and a statement of funding needs and resources to Daniel Pitti (dvp4c@virginia.edu) or Worthy Martin (martin@virginia.edu), or call (434) 924-4527 for more information.