Digital Avalokiteśvara Spring Workshop

February 8, 2011

Detail, Lotus Sutra

Detail of Lotus Sūtra, Japanese, 12th century, ink on gold and silver decorated paper

IATH Fellow Dorothy Wong, Associate Professor of Art History, is leading a second workshop on textual aspects of her Digital Avalokiteśvaravara project on Friday, February 18 in Alderman 317. The project's full title, "Power of Compassion: Paths of Transmission of Avalokiteśvara across Asia," centers on the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion, who became one of the most popular deities in all of Asia. Project Co-Directors Daniel Pitti and Worthy Martin will attend, along with Luis Goméz, Charles O. Hucker Collegiate Professor, Emeritus, University of Michigan; Research Professor at El Colegio de México, Mexico City; Hiram Woodward, Curator of Asian Art, Emeritus, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore; Chün-fang Yü, Sheng Yen Professor in Chinese Buddhist Studies, Columbia University; and Buddhist Studies faculty at UVa (David Germano, Paul Groner, Karen Lang, Kurtis Schaeffer, Jann Ronis) and graduate students.

The workshop is funded in part by the East Asia Center and is being held on 9:30 am - 12:30pm in Alderman 317. This is a public event, but seating is limited.