Yole!Africa: Digital Film and Community in the Congo

February 7, 2011

IATH, SHANTI, and the Scholars' Lab are please to present a talk by Petna Ndaliko and Chérie Rivers of Albeku Film Productions on the role of digital film and community in the Congo. The talk will be held in Minor Hall, room 125 on Friday, February 11, at 3pm.

Petna Ndaliko is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and activist, and the founder of Yole!Africa and Albeku Film Productions. His cinematic style combines rhythm, image, and social critique with digital innovation to challenge traditional narrative structures. His films skirt the boundary of fiction and reality and provoke reflection on post-colonial African realities.

Chérie Rivers is an internationally recognized composer, and scholar of African studies (Ph.D. candidate, Harvard University, completion 2012). Her work combines research and social engagement with a central focus on the power of art, specifically film and music, to initiate and mediate sustainable social change in conflict-ridden regions of Africa. With Petna Ndaliko, she currently serves as a co-director of Yole!Africa.